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Jl. Raya Salopa- Gununyanjung, Kp. Sukasari, Kawitan Village, Salopa District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java

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Monday – Sunday
08.00 – 18.00

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+62 852-1016-8787
(0265) 7531979


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to enter the Ummul Quro Tasikmalaya Islamic Boarding School?

Biaya Pendidikan UQ

Under what conditions can students go home?
Students are allowed permission to go home according to the following conditions:

  1. Family died
  2. The family is seriously ill
  3. Hajj family (departing or arriving)
  4. Married family
  5. The Santri is in an ill condition that does not allow the medical team to treat the Islamic Boarding School and is recommended to go home.
How are Ummul Quro Islamic Boarding School Graduates?

The best PTNs with leading majors in Indonesia such as: ITB, IPB, UII, UNPAD, UMY, UNIBRAW, UGM, UAD etc.

Foreign Universities in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey.

Ummul Quro Tasikmalaya provides the best advice, service and direction to her students to continue their studies to the next level.

When are students off?

Students get home holidays every semester

Are Santri Allowed Not to Stay at Islamic Boarding Schools?

Students Are Not Allowed To Live Outside The Dormitory During The School Period Based On Islamic Boarding School Terms

Snack system or pocket money?

Snacks for students using the balance system stored at the Islamic Boarding School Finance Office, parents can fill in the balance of the students’ allowance by transferring to the Islamic Boarding School Account Number or coming directly to the Islamic Boarding School Finance Office (students do not hold their own pocket money)

Since when did the Ummul Quro Tasikmalaya Islamic Boarding School stand?

The Ummul Quro Tasikmalaya Islamic Boarding School started with the IT Middle School Education Level in 2012-2013 Under the auspices of the Ummul Quro Tasikmalaya Foundation which was established in 2010. After graduating the first batch of IT Middle School, Ummul Quro IT High School began to open in the 2015-2016 school year.

The Ummul Quro Tasikmalaya Islamic Boarding School has also graduated Batch 4 SMA and has spread across several domestic and foreign universities.

How are the teachers and staff of the Ummul Quro Islamic Boarding School?

The number of teaching staff at the Ummul Quro Islamic Boarding School for the 2022-2023 Academic Year is 120 including all teachers and staff.

The graduates of Ummul Quro Islamic Boarding School teaching staff are as follows; Sheikh Wlnazeir Muhamed ahmed As Sudany (Native Speaker from Sudan) Lipia Jakarta, Mahad Aly Annuaimy, STEI SEBI, UIN SGD Bandung, UIN Malang, UNIDA, University of Muhammadiyah IIQ, IPB, UMY, Unsil, Madinatul Qur’an Depok, As Syifa Subang , Ma’had Al Imarat, LBQ Al Ottoman, Depok Qiblatain Islamic Boarding School, Maqdis PPGT Al Abror, etc.

How many students in one hostel?

The number of students in one hostel consists of 20 students

When do students visit?

Santri visits are held in the first week of every month packed with a Monthly Recitation and Visiting agenda

When to call students?

Every two weeks, students will have time to call their parents using the Islamic Boarding School Inventory HP in each dormitory.

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